Corsica Water Activities

Corsica has 1000km of glorious coastline and close to 200 beaches. Unsurprisingly, water activities take centre stage in Corsica, from sailing and windsurfing to snorkeling and diving, sea kayaking, funboarding, water and jet skiing surfing and scuba diving. With its Mediterranean climate and light breezes, Corsica allows you to sail, dive and surf all year round.

Corsica is also made for regular or harpoon fishing or you can just take a course in additional “berley” and “drag net” fishing. Bring home your freshly caught fish and we will prepare it together with you and for you.

Or just take advantage of the many cruises on offer from Ajaccio, Cargese, Porto and Calvi to discover the unique Scandola Nature Reserve, part of the Parc Naturel Régional de la Corse, with its extraordinary variety of vegetation. A volcanic peninsula, the reserve is alive with a veritable explosion of colours and incredible landscapes. There are so many opportunities, don’t hesitate to ask us and we will plan your perfect stay.

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Hiking Via Ferrata

You want to discover Corsica by climbing its rocks and crossing the paths of its most beautiful forests, then hiking Via Ferrata is the activity for you.

You’ll be amazed by the landscapes that surrounds you, overlooking rivers and lakes – a magical experience to enjoy with friends or family. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information and we will organize a professional tour.

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, you can walk the many marked trails that Corsica offers. Former customs officer trails, old mule tracks from village to village, forest and mountain trails, not to mention the famous GR20 – you have a vast choice. You’ll experience exceptional, breathtaking views and rare fauna and flora. No matter the time of year, the island of beauty always lives up to its nickname.

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Visit goat and sheep cheese producers

Corsica has plenty of cheese varieties, most of them are from ewes’ or goats’ milk. The most popular is the Brocciu, a pot cheese made with ewes’ milk (similar to ricotta) which is used to cook pastry, cannelloni or cake.

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Vineyards Tours

There are more than 30 wine estates near St Florent, 8 of which are around the village of Oletta. Meet local producers, visit their vineyards and taste different local varieties of « cépages » from Patrimonio, Nielluciu, Sciaccarellu, Vermentinu or Grenache.

You will of course also find these beautiful local wines in our Bar.

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Team Building

Yoga classes or well being oriented workshops

In the unique setting of our hotel or on some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, reconnect with yourself and nature with those made to mesure classes. A unique way to take out everyday life stress and re energize your team.

SUV escapes                         

To better discover Corsica, its mountains, beaches and rocky deserts, SUV is the perfect adventure engin. Depending on your taste, we can let you explore the untouched nature of the island and discover it’s secret places or create fun packages with treasure hunts or mix activities throughout the day.

WATER activities (depending on the season)
Whether it is enjoying a relaxing day on a wooden Turkish sailing boat, racing on speed boats to reach turquoise watered beaches or partying at sunset on a Catamaran, everything is possible. If you want to make it extra special, kitesurfing lessons, canyoning in the mountains or fishing expeditions can also be organized.

In the air

This Corsican team building can also be the opportunity to offer a first paraglider or microlight plane experience. We even have flying boats to surprise your guests !

We can also assist you with other team building activities: 

  • Escape room
  • Paint ball or Laser tag
  • Climbing wall indoors or outside Via Ferrata (depending on season)

There is so much more to do like Paragliding, Skydiving, mountain biking, boating and a train trip with the famous “trinichellu” or, just stay at our beautiful palazzu relax and book a massage in our own private treatment room. Whatever you may choose, we will assist you and we will make sure that your stay in Corsica is truly memorable!

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